Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A Call to Love....and a call to die!

Francis Schaeffer says,  "To the effect that when Christians differ, there is a golden opportunity to show the world how we love each other. Differences are not the end of love, they are the occasion for love. Which means an occasion for death. One of the reasons it's so easy to walk away from a difference instead of working it out is that you don't have to die."

Before there will be revival, there will be a dying in each of us; and before we see a great resurgence of love we will have to die.

Here is an list from John Piper that challenges me to the core and I hope it does for you.

A Call to Love . . . and to Death 

  • Being long-suffering means dying to the desire for an untroubled life.
  • Having no jealousy means dying to the desire for unshared affection.
  • Not boasting means dying to the desire to call attention to our successes.
  • Not acting unbecomingly means dying to the desire to express our freedom offensively.
  • Not seeking our own way means dying to the dominance of our own preferences.
  • Not being easily provoked means dying to the need for no frustrations.
  • Not taking account of wrongs means dying to the desire for revenge.
  • Bearing all things and enduring all things means dying to the desire to run away from the pain of obedience.

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