Friday, 9 March 2012

7 questions that help you get unstuck

Read an excellent artilce today by Tony Morgan - Enjoy!
Feeling stuck? Here are the key questions you need to answer to help you get from here to there.
  1. Where are we going? This is the vision question. You can’t get unstuck until you know where you want to be. If we don’t answer this question, we tend to stay mired in our current circumstances.
  2. Why are we going there? This is the values question. The values and principles behind the “why” will provide the purpose and passion to pursue the vision.
  3. Who will go with us? This is the people question. Who will be on the team? Who will take the lead? From my experience, “who” should always precede “how.”
  4. How will we get there? This is the strategy question. Until you answer this question, you may have many people who buy into the vision but are left stuck guessing what to do.
  5. What do we have available? This is the resources question. How much will it cost? How much time will we need? What physical space is required?
  6. Did we make it there? This is the measures question. People and organizations who are stuck typically avoid answering this question honestly. They’re content to stay stuck or whine about their situation.
  7. Where are we going next? This is the re-vision question. There are plenty of organizations who have previously experienced success and then failed to answer this question. They’re the one-hit wonders.
These questions can help individuals who feel like they’re stuck in life. They can help organizations who are stuck. They can help people who feel stuck in their relationships (dating, marriage, parenting, etc.).
If you don’t happen to be the boss, figure out what you can change within the freedoms you do have. Start there. Change what you can change.

And if you claim to be a leader, don’t blame your boss (or your wife or your kids or your coach…). It’s not going to help you to whine about your circumstances. Not only is it not very becoming, it also just reinforces your level of stuckness.

Which of these questions do you need to answer today?


Samantha M said...

hey! I saw your post (back in 2011) where you went to bulgaria for missions, I would love to know what missions you went through, I am praying about going, thanks!

Mark Sherratt said...

The guy that I work with is a local guy called Mladen Petrov. I suggest you contact him on facebook.

He has a vision to plant 50 churches and is a fine young man who has some great leaders connecting to him.

I fly to Sophia via whizz Air which is a cheap airline. Mladen drives to collect me and I pay to cover the costs.

Talk direct to him. It will be an experience I believe that will change your life.

Nearby is a beautiful thermal spa (natural) which is well worth a visit.

I would advise you to travel with someone else, although Mladen would take great care of you.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any more help.