Friday, 13 January 2012

Are You A Credible Leader?

This is an absolutely brilliant post by Ron Edmondson and worthy of a read

Credibility is important in any leadership position. If a leader desires followers to willfully work with passion to reach an established vision, then he or she must be trusted. Credible leaders have followers that share the organization’s values and work hard to achieve them. When a person’s leadership is not credible, followers are less likely to be team players and will be disloyal to the organization.

Credibility in leadership is primarily established in one of three ways:

Gifted – For a brand new leader, there is sometimes a “gifting” period for credibility, at least by some in the organization. These people are willing to trust the leader until proven wrong. This period does not last long.

Borrowed – When a credible leader validates a new or existing leader it can often transfer the trust earned by the credible leader. A retiring pastor, for example, can often validate the incoming pastor who in turn receives instant credibility. This period of credibility is also temporary.

Earned – Lasting credibility cannot be demanded. It doesn’t come with a title or position. The best type of credibility is gained through time and experience by a leader that has earned it. This is the kind of credibility that excellent leaders aspire to gain and work hard to protect. It is developed through integrity, consistency and servant leadership. The truly credible leader spends time investing in others and considers the good of the entire organization when making decisions.

Are you aspiring to be a credible leader? What characteristics build credibility in your mind?


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