Sunday, 7 August 2011



Taken from the John Maxwell Bible

God, Esther, and Haman each play a leading role in the Book of Esther. God is the Leader in control; Esther is the leader under control; and Haman is the leader out of control. Consider each one.

GOD: The Leader in Control

1/. He took Queen Vashti off the throne.

2/. He gave Esther the throne.

3/. He used Mordecai to supply information,

4/. He put everyone in place before the crisis.

ESTHER: the Leader under Control

1/. Her position didn’t steal her compassion.

2/. She felt limited in what she could do.

3/. She knew her place in the organization.

4/. She felt the need to fast and pray.

5/. She depended on the prayers of others.

6/. She was willing to take a risk and obey.

7/. She didn’t take advantage of generosity.

8/. She recognised the importance of timing.

HAMAN: The team Leader out of Control

1/. He misunderstood the times.

2/. He lost joy over little problems.

3/. He needed friends to build his self-image.

4/. His greed and ambition made him unhappy.

5/. He listened to the wrong people.

6/. He thought too highly of himself.

7/. He set himself up for a fall.

8/. He reaped what he sowed.

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