Wednesday, 26 January 2011

So you want to lead others!

The Bible records for us that David was a man after God’s heart and also that he fulfilled the purposes of God in his day and generation and then fell asleep. From an early age, I wanted to be like that. What about You? The heart is crucial territory in our desire to lead God’s people well.

It is important that leaders develop the ‘skills’ in order to lead effectively. But there are several important qualities of the heart that every great leader should consistently build into their life.

Here are some things that I believe is 'The heart' of a Leader that God Uses:

1. Has a great sense of PURPOSE in life

2. Is committed to removing any HINDERANCES from his life

3. Places himself completely at God’s DISPOSAL

4. Has learned how to PRAY constantly

5. Is a student of GOD’S WORD

6. Has a vital, life changing MESSAGE for a lost world

7. Has a FAITH that expects results

8. Chooses to SERVE in attitude and action

9. Stirs up the GIFTS in themselves and in others

10. Is SECURE enough to empower others

11. Lives under the ANNOINTING of the Holy Spirit

12. Has been chosen to be an EXAMPLE before he leads others

So how is your leadership heart?

Action: select a couple of these areas over the next month and work them through

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