Sunday, 22 August 2010

Drawn to a winning cause

Read a quote this week that inspired much thought:

'People are drawn to a winning cause. People are not drawn to groups that complain, lament, scold, whine. Most of them have enough of these negatives in their loves. People are drawn to groups that help them grow, develop, advance and build their lives. Congregations having the confidence that they are participating in the winning cause of God's mission will grow in generosity and the more people will be reached in your locality. People always give to a winning cause not a sinking ship!'

WOW... So much in this! Thoughts:

Jesus must be prominent and seen as the KING of kings and head of HIS church

Creating the right culture in church is crucial

Confidence in leadership and the vision,

Participation of everyone

The church is to be a discipling and equipping environment

Jesus mission must be our focus


Community impact as church and resources are released

Now there's a series just from a quote!

Over the last few years at MKCC we have been engaged in a major building project to extend our current facilities to allow us to grow. Every day there has been change and progress taking place and I have enjoyed watching it. This is how it ought to be in church life as Jesus is the builder and is actively at work in us daily by his Holy Spirit. Movement, change, activity, progress, obstacles, developments...etc - Just normal really. If Jesus is building his church then there is always something happening! If there's not to much happening or changing, the warning light should be flashing in your life or church!!

As we move forward into the purposes of God, I believe that people want their lives to count by having a part in a spiritual movement, not a monument! Church suppose to be alive, relevant, influencing society and actively making a difference in the community.

Let's all get fully involved - Someone else's miracle is waiting on the other end of your obedience! God is waiting for you to say, here I am use me. Let's start BEING the church and quit ATTENDING church. Let's follow Christ with passion and and serve his purposes together to the end.

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