Monday, 30 November 2009

Day of prayer & Fasting throughout November at MKCC

Throughout the month of November we called our church to a day of prayer and fasting and a weekly prayer meeting on monday nights. I really believe that this has been a significant time for us. Tonight was our last meeting and it was an amazing evening. It was so good to see around 100 people come together again to pray.

Right from the start the people came ready! The worship was intense and passionate and I knew that the next hour was going to be inspiring. We broke into four groups and moved around four prayer stations and everyone prayed. The stations focused on Expectation, Salvation, Compassion and Provision with specific points under each heading. It was amazing to see people pray with a sense of urgency to see God touch our church and the city. There was a spiritual thirst tonight that I have not seen before in our church and that excites me.

Whatever God has in store for us in the future as a church, I know that prayer is essential for us. We must understand that we are totally dependent on God's power and wisdom to fulfill his plan. A Christ follower is called to humble ourselves and pray. Humility before God is crucial to fulfill all he has purposed for us.

I really believe our church is on the threshold of God doing something great among us. Whatever you do don't miss it!

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