Tuesday, 22 September 2009

True Greatness - Will you trust God?

Life throws at us some challenges doesn't it?

You can not guarantee everything will go well, always be alright and you somehow side step storms and difficulties throughout your life. Whether you are a believer or not storms will come. What is important is what you are standing on and that makes the difference.

Job once said, 'Though he slay me, yet will I trust him'. WOW!! What about you?

I don't know about you, but I choose to trust in God as I know these guys do in this video. Real people going through difficult times but still willing to trust God and praise him no matter what.

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Maxine Robb said...

Hi Mark this video really spoke to me having a near death experience makes you think about what is really important. I love my family, my husband, my friends but there is no greater love that Jesus that seized my heart on that bank holiday Monday 31 August 2009 it was then I really knew that I know him and he knows me and that I will never ever be separated from him. Verns and I was disappointed and angry about the questions that was raised about the leadership not caring because Mark even if you were not there I knew that you cared about me. I began to ask myself are we learning anything and moving forward into everything God has for us, or is it still about us. I have and still enduring great pain as well as many others in MKCC but we are not alone. Mark you and the leadership are the best in the whole universe.
Love and appreciate you.
Verns and Maxine Robb