Monday, 27 April 2009

Do you want to be in my gang? Thinking about team..

Choosing the right people around you is crucial. So take your time and make sure you get it right or you will invite a huge amount of grief into your life.

Red Auerbach, said "How you select people is more important than how you manage them once they are on the job. If you start with the right people, you wont have problems later on".

You have to have people who:

1. Will want to know your heart as a leader. This may take some time but I believe you should look out for those who want to serve with you.

2. Show loyalty. These become an extension of you as a leaders and the vision you have.

3. Are trustworthy. These are people who will not abuse authority, power or confidences that are entrusted to them.

4. Exercise wisdom. This is important as decisions will have to be made by them as your ministry grows.

5. Have a servants heart. They carry the spirit of Christ. They are not involved to be recognised or to become great, but only want to make Jesus name great. They are prepared to do whatever it takes to serve Jesus and fulfill the vision.

6. Think. Our two heads are better than one!!

7. Will carry things through. The take authority and CARRY OUT the vision.

8. Have a heart after God. I believe that my heart for God is the driving force of my life. If that is true for me, then it must be true in those who serve with me.

Together we can make a HUGE difference for God and his kingdom and we choose to run together in this life and serve God's purposes.

Do you want to be in my gang? READ THROUGH THE LIST ABOVE AGAIN!

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