Tuesday, 24 March 2009


The Bible says over and over again, never compare yourself to anybody else. Think about this hard for the day.

“Those hired last came up and were each given a dollar. And when those who were hired first saw that, they assumed they would get far more.” Matt. 20:9-10a (Msg) In other words, they started making comparisons: “Look what they’re getting. So we’re going to get more. We ought to have more.”

Just don't go there! Dno't compare yourself with anybody else, the way you look, your income, your intelligence, your children, your husband or wife or your job or anything else.

For two reasons:

a) You are unique. God made you and your journey special. He made the mold and then He broke it.

b) It will always lead to one of two sins – pride or envy. If you think you are doing so much better than others, you can easily become filled with pride. Also by thinking others are doing so much better than you, it's easy to become filled with envy. Let's all be diligent here, these things can destroy you and others!

A lot of time I think we envy people because we don’t know the whole story behind their success. We see the glory but not the pain. If you knew their background or the sacrifice they’ve made, the pain or the cost to get what they have, you might not want it.

Let's get our eyes off others and focus on following God's path for our lives TODAY.

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